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Our mission is to preserve and promote the hostel movement. Hostels help connect people of all ages and cultures so they can experience and learn about local communities through travel, shared adventures, and sustainable tourism. Hostels are visitor accommodation facilities that offer communal and private lodging to school groups, families, and independent travelers. Guests share facilities, resources, and experiences to make travel more affordable, more fun, and less impactful on the planet.

A bit about our mission:

Hostels exist with the central purpose of helping make travel more accessible to all, though especially younger, budget-limited travelers. Hostels are visitor accommodation facilities that offer economic sleeping options such as shared dormitories and limited private accommodations. Emphasis is placed on shared amenities like a community kitchen, coworking spaces, and social areas to facilitate organic connections with other travelers. By staying in a hostel, guests are introduced to other travelers who come from different cultural, socioeconomic, and political backgrounds. The community fostered in a hostel helps expand a traveler’s worldview by educating them about the communities they travel to while also connecting them with other people to explore with.

HostelingOn is a nonprofit organization that operates and advises hostels with the primary goal of saving the hosteling movement in the United States. Many hostels are experiencing economic and operational challenges and have shut down across the country during the COVID-19 pandemic resulting in a scarcity of affordable lodging options. Our goal is to help the hostel movement survive by educating hostel operators on how to better design, market, and manage their operations.  

HostelingOn is leading the industry by designing facilities that are more relevant to a post-pandemic climate where large dormitories and shared bathrooms are no longer sustainable. Our forward-thinking design and architecture introduces compartmentalized floor plans so each dorm and private room can be self-serving to allow reasonable social distancing. Our design also increases the accessibility features of all properties to better serve travelers with accessible needs. We believe strategic architectural design is key to enabling hostels to operate efficiently and sustainably.

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Our Focus

Preserve Hosteling

HostelingOn aims to preserve the educational goals of the hosteling movement which focuses on learning through travel and cross-cultural experiences.

Design & Operate Better Hostels

HostelingOn aims to design and operate better hostels by implementing compartmentalized architectural layouts that are better suited for flexible lodging options.

Opportunity through Technology

Technology is evolving faster than most operators can keep up with. We help operators navigate the various marketing and software tools so hostel operators can focus on care for guests and growing their business.